Intent Marketing


What It Is

We build and execute multi-channel strategies that enable clients to both create intent and serve the right content at the right time to drive action from prospects who already show intent. To do this, we analyze customer and prospective customer data over time to determine trends. The key elements that go into this analysis are: Search queries; Site and content engagement; Competitor and industry trends; and Behavioral psychology as it relates to advertising appeals.

How It Benefits Our Clients

By analyzing, understanding, and building marketing campaigns around customer intent and psychology, we elevate our clients' performance marketing to a strategic level. Put simply, we drive traffic - from search and social campaigns - that actually converts for a profitable return on ad spend (ROAS).

Our Process

  • Analyze SEO and SEM search data from your site, and your competitors' sites.
  • Categorize and prioritize keywords and groups of keywords by search volume, traffic, and return.
  • Analyze Google Analytics and audience data for your site and competitors' to determine top performing audiences.
  • Build content marketing, paid search, and paid social campaigns using your highest-intent keywords, targeted to your highest-intent audiences, and using key advertising appeals and tactics.
  • Utilize lower-intent, but high-interest, keywords and audiences to drive top-of-funnel traffic to the site that can then be nurtured and retargeted.
  • Measure, analyze, tweak, and grow.

SEO Intent Marketing Wins


Achieved greater than 240% Year-over-year organic traffic growth, greater than 170% Year-over-Year organic revenue growth, and position improvement on prioritized keywords of more than 1500 (total) after leading the SEO strategy for a domain change and relaunch of a mid-sized eCommerce brand.
Achieved greater than 100% organic revenue and traffic growth on key landing pages for a medium-sized B2C healthtech clients.
Achieved greater than 1400% Year-over-Year organic traffic growth for a local garden / landscaping supply business.

B2B Lead Gen

Achieved greater than 45% Year-over-Year growth in organic traffic and 260% Year-over-Year growth in organic revenue overall for one of our B2B startup clients. For this same client, we successfully secured the #1 spot for a prioritized category of industry keywords as identified by the client, helped them relaunch into the healthcare space, and helped them more than double revenue during COVID.

SEM Intent Marketing Wins


Oversaw and managed in-housing of all SEM for 3 large eCommerce retailers.
Successfully restructured and managed SEM for over 10 large eCommerce retail sites, including the largest tire manufacturer in the US.
Lowered CPC by 50% and increased traffic by 40% (thus improving ROAS) for a fast-growth B2C subscription service.

Lead Gen

Achieved 10X ROAS in SEM for a B2C financial startup.
Increased appointments from SEM by 55% (above their prior all-time high) for a national chain of medical clinics.
Successfully restructured and managed SEM for 18 YMCA of Metro Chicago sites.
Successfully launched and managed SEM for lead gen for a high-growth B2B software platform.

Paid Social Intent Marketing Wins

Paid Facebook/Instagram

Achieved 99% improvement in ROAS, 48% decrease in revenue, and 51% decrease in CPA after restructuring and taking over management of paid Facebook/Instagram for a B2C eCommerce startup.
Restructured paid Facebook/Instagram to help a national chain of medical clinics beat their highest-ever number of appointments booked and kept.
Successfully restructured and managed paid Facebook/Instagram for the YMCA of Metro Chicago.

Paid LinkedIn

Launched and managed paid B2B LinkedIn for a high-growth tech startup to more than double the prospect funnel.
Successfully launched and managed paid B2B LinkedIn for a high-growth service startup to build and grow the marketing funnel.

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