About Us


We're a boutique, all-expert digital marketing firm that was founded in Chicago by Lauren Fellure and Patrick Holt in 2017. Their goal in creating LyteYear was to "deliver big brand expertise at startup prices." They accomplished this by pairing Patrick's extensive experience marketing for large, retail eCommerce brands with Lauren's deep expertise in the tech startup space. Since then, they've built a team of channel and industry experts who offer the type and level of experience that typically is only found internally at larger brands. Generally, it's much more affordable to work with our experts than to hire the same level of expertise in-house. We also offer flexible project plans and month-to-month contracts.

Although we still have a strong presence in our home city of Chicago, our team is fully-remote. We also have clients and a presence in San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, New York City, and Austin.



Search, both paid and organic, is our core expertise. We believe in building a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that is driven by keyword and analytics data. Our work in search has been recognized by various profiling companies, conference creators, and Google.


Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. We do this through site content and technical optimizations, content marketing, and backlink creation.


Paid Search is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through paid advertisements on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We have a proprietary strategy we’ve built for paid search that works across industries and companies.



We have expertise across a number of paid social channels. Most particularly: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We also have managed Reddit ads, paid Pinterest, and YouTube ads, and have built plans and worked with brands on influencer outreach.


We specialize in mobile growth through App Store Optimization (ASO, which is essentially SEO for the app stores), and app store ads. We have a wealth of expertise in product management, marketing, and growth, and have launched 15+ mobile products..


Amazon marketing is the practice of optimizing your storefront organically (like SEO, but for Amazon!), and then managing, optimizing, and reporting upon ongoing Amazon organic and paid marketing efforts.


Search | SEO & SEM

  • SEO: Built, launched, and managed a search (SEO, SEM) -driven lead gen program for a high-growth B2B financial startup for >300X ROAS.
  • SEM: Optimized long-term AdWords program for large B2B eCommerce retailer to significantly improve CPA and ROAS.
  • SEM: Audited and overtook management of AdWords for fast-growth B2B startup in the transportation space. Achieved significant improvement in number and quality of leads, and ROAS.
  • SEM: Built, launched, and managed a B2B lead gen program for a high-growth financial company for >300X ROAS.
  • SEO: Long-term content marketing for a high-growth B2B digital product that resulted in >100% improvement across all organic metrics, plus landed the client the top position for a few prioritized keywords.

Paid Social Media

  • Launched and managed successful ongoing B2B lead generation campaigns for over 5 high-growth service industry and tech startups in Silicon Valley.
  • Built, launched, and managed a B2B lead gen campaign that included paid social for a high-growth financial startup for >300X ROAS.

ASO / App Store Ads

  • Launched and managed ASO plan and app store ads for a startup client at greater than 2x ROAS.
  • Increased app downloads and enrollments by over 4x for a mobile B2B client.
  • Achieved a 17% average conversion rate for App Store ads for mobile B2B client.


Search | SEO & SEM

  • SEM: Oversaw and managed in-housing for 3 large B2C eCommerce retailers.
  • SEO: Overtook and managed SEO preservation and content marketing during a site redesign and URL change for a medium-sized eCommerce retailer that resulted in a significant increase in keyword authority.
  • SEM: Worked with high-growth B2C subscription service startup to lower CPC by 50% and increase traffic by 40%, thus improving ROAS.
  • SEM: Performed AdWords audit and restructured accounts for 4 large B2C eCommerce brands (2 retailers, a fast food chain, and a manufacturer) to meet growth goals and improve CPA / ROAS.
  • SEM: Optimized AdWords program for B2C finance company to significantly improve CPA and ROAS.
  • SEM: Achieved 10X ROAS in AdWords for a financial B2C startup.
  • SEM: Successfully restructured and managed SEM for over 10 large eCommerce retail sites.
  • SEM: Successfully restructured and managed SEM for 18 sites for one of the largest B2C nonprofits in the US.
  • SEM: Ran paid search at a top 15 internet retailer.
  • SEO: Achieved >100% organic revenue and traffic growth on key landing pages for a high-growth B2C healthtech client.

Paid Social Media

  • Audited and overtook management of paid social for 2 large B2C eCommerce brands to significantly improve CPA and ROAS.
  • Achieved 99% improvement in ROAS, 48% increase in revenue, and 51% decrease in CPA after restructuring and taking over management of paid Facebook/Instagram for a B2C eCommerce startup.
  • Achieved consistently 4-7X ROAS in paid Facebook/Instagram for a high-growth B2C eCommerce startup.
  • Restructured and managed paid social for one of the largest nonprofits in the US.
  • Built Instagram strategy that helped eCommerce retailer achieve over 1000% (from 10k to 100k) follower growth in a year.

AMS / Amazon Marketing

  • Successfully restructured and managed an AMS account for a popular author.
  • Successfully restructured and managed an AMS account for a startup skincare brand.