We Specialize in High-Intent Digital Marketing

We build and execute multi-channel strategies that enable clients to both create intent and serve the right content at the right time to drive action from prospects who already show intent.

How We Determine Consumer Intent

We're a team of data hounds. We analyze customer and prospective customer data over time to determine trends. The key elements that go into this analysis are: Search queries; Site and content engagement; Competitor and industry trends; and Behavioral psychology as it relates to advertising appeals.

What Makes Us Different?

We're a "non-agency" digital marketing agency. We oftentimes function as an extension of internal marketing teams for our clients, and our larger agency partners. Beyond managing our core channels, we frequently take the lead on cross-channel budgeting and projections, attribution analyses and overhauls, and with hiring or training internal teams. Outside of this, our diverse backgrounds bring a unique perspective to our work. Our team consists of a mixture of people who have run marketing teams at Fortune 50 retailers, lifetime consultants, and startup executives. Because we are a remote work force and are open to unique employment structures, we're able to hire the best people for each project's needs.

Retail and eCommerce Digital Marketing Expertise

Prior to working at LyteYear, many of our team members served as digital marketing managers and directors at large eCommerce and/or brick-and-mortar retailers. Few other agencies are founded and run by people who have significant large brand eCommerce experience. A core differentiator that we bring to the table is the ability to build, execute, and manage multi-channel marketing programs for Fortune 50 retailers from the perspective of an internal director. This oftentimes leads to us working with CMOs to create board decks, build multi-year forecasts, define the channel mix and goals, build teams, hire/vet other agencies, and perform complex attribution analyses and restructures.

B2C and B2B Lead Gen Expertise

Many of our longest-running and highly successful client projects are focused on lead gen. We helped successfully restructure and build the marketing programs for a few companies that own hundreds of medical clinics across the US, large enterprise software companies, companies that sell online certifications, and smaller B2B tech startups. Through years of cross-platform and industry experience, we've learned how to structure the marketing funnel and build strong creative to both create intent for lower awareness products, and then execute on and drive conversions from that intent.

Meet the Core Account Team

Lauren specializes in paid social – particularly paid Facebook/Instagram and paid LinkedIn, and SEO. Prior to founding LyteYear, she worked in product management and marketing in Chicago and helped build and then grow a number of digital products for clients. In her free time, she loves hiking, camping, her dogs and cat, climbing, and good craft beer.

Patrick - Co-Founder, Paid Search, Social Expert

Patrick has deep expertise in paid search – particularly for large B2C eCommerce retailers. He worked at some of the largest retail brands in Chicago, and ran in-housing of paid search for 3 luxury retailers prior to co-founding LyteYear with Lauren. Outside of work, his favorite things to do are hike and camp with Odin, taste good beers at breweries, work on he and Lauren’s truck camper, and obsessively follow Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

Betsy Miller - Email Marketing, Paid Social, Paid Search, Analytics

Betsy has brought her digital marketing skills to many small and growing companies to assist with overall strategy, paid advertising, email marketing, and marketing automation. She’s equally at home with eCommerce (selling anything from furniture to herbal medicine) and B2B lead generation. When she steps off the grid, she goes to check out her local art & music scene, as well as the newest restaurants and breweries.


Clients Rate Us 5 out of 5 Stars

Our clients and agency partners think we're great. Don't believe us? We'll let them speak for themselves.

Our Sustainable Marketing Initiatives

We believe in using our powers for good, which is why we try to market as eco-consciously as possible, and work with partners and brands whose beliefs we align on. We also are a proud member of 1% for the Planet, and a Reforestation Partner for One Tree Planted.
LyteYear Boutique Digital Marketing Agency 1% for the Planet Member
LyteYear Boutique Digital Marketing Agency One Tree Planted Reforestation Partner
LyteYear Boutique Digital Marketing Agency One Tree Planted Reforestation Partner